Fabric Resistance Band Set
Fabric Resistance Band Set

Fabric Resistance Band Set

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THREE Booty Bands (Easy, Medium, Difficult) and travel bag
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Premium quality, strengthened fabric and non-slip grip
Ultimate glute activation and strengthening tool
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What's included?

Our set contains three resistance bands:

  • Navy blue - 33cm (Difficult)
  • Black - 38cm (Medium)
  • Grey 43cm (Easiest)
  • Black Travel Carry Bag

Why choose SUSUPRO resistance bands?

We strongly believe in providing only the highest quality fitness products to help you to achieve your goals. SUSUPRO resistance bands are made from premium thick fabric. The bands contain a non-slip rubber grip on the inside to ensure that the band stays in place.


  • Durable
  • Non-slip grip
  • Three levels of resistance 

Are resistance bands for me?

Resistance exercise bands are a popular workout accessory for both men and women. The bands are suitable for both beginners and experts. Our set contains three different levels of resistance across three different lengths of band.     

How do resistance bands work?

The bands add resistance (it’s in the name…) meaning you are adding additional ‘weight’ or ‘load’ to the movement you are performing. This intensifies your workout, allowing you to achieve your goals faster. Resistance bands also assist your workout by rapidly stimulating your glutes and legs. When certain exercises are performed, the bands help to isolate and target the muscles by preventing your knees from extending outwards.

What exercises can I use my resistance bands for?

The bands can be used when many exercises are performed either with added weights or using bodyweight and bands only. These exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Hip thrusts
  • Glute bridges
  • Hip abduction 
  • Inner and outer thigh contractions
  • Side steps
  • Kickbacks