Resistance bands help to isolate specific muscles, depending on where they are placed and which exercises are being performed. Using resistance bands whilst performing glute-focused exercises, intensifies the workout and encourages your glute muscles to ‘activate’ and grow. The bands compliment a wide variety of exercises. To focus on glute growth, we will explore which movements are designed to target your glutes. 

What are the differences between compound and isolation exercises? 
On leg day, you may currently focus on performing compound exercises, these may include squats, lunges, deadlifts. Compound exercises are ones that require the involvement of multiple muscle groups and joints. As you grow your glutes through these compound movements, your quads will also grow. If that is not your aim, that’s where glute isolation exercises come in. Isolation exercises are focused around specific muscle groups. Performing glute-isolation exercises allows you to grow your glutes, with little activation from your leg muscles. Which exercises are best for targeting glutes? 

1. Hip thrusts 

Hip thrusts are a glute dominant exercise, HolaBabz demonstrates how this exercise should be performed.

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Hip thrusts are a highly effective glute isolation exercise. @holababz shares her top tops: ??Place the bar on the floor and position your hips and legs underneath it ??Your shoulder blades should be on the bench, the bar and pad should be at hip level ??From this position, push your hips upwards. Actively squeeze your glute muscles whilst you perform this movement ??There should be a 90 degree angle between your thigh and lower leg ??Tighten your abdominal muscles and form a straight line from your upper body to your thighs ??Lower your hips back down to the starting position #gluteband #gluteworkout #hipthrusts #hipbands #legbands #resistancebandsworkout #workoutbands #resistancebands

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2. Sumo Deadlifts 

Deadlifts are a compound exercise as they involve multiple muscle groups predominantly; back, legs and glutes. For building glutes, sumo deadlifts are a great alternative to conventional deadlifts as they require more hip and glute strength whilst conventional deadlifting requires more hamstring and lower back strength.

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Basic, but effective. These two exercises are important if you are trying to maximize glute growth. Workout by: @fatfueledmom . . . ??Sumo DL - 8-12 reps x 4 sets. Keep a neutral spine and neck. . . . ??Hip Thrusts - 8 full reps, 8 pulses, 6 reps, 6 pulses x 4 sets. . Rest your upper/mid back on the bench. A bench that’s too high prevents you from reaching full extension. If your benches are too high, grab a step box to elevate your feet. Foot placement depends on your anatomy. Either way, your knees should be at a 90 degree angle when you are at full extension. Try pointing your toes a little outwards and add your SUSUPRO fitness band around your thighs. Tuck your chin and keep your gaze straight ahead.

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3. Bulgarian Split Squats 

This coordinated compound exercise forces the hamstrings, glutes and quads to carry the weight of the movement. This exercise will improve stability whilst also encouraging glute and leg muscle growth. @itsleylen demonstates how to perform a full glute workout using only a resistance band, a bench and dumbbells.

 This exercise predominantly targets the sides of your glutes, this helps with achieving the ‘rounded’ shape. Clamshells also help to improve hip mobility which will help you when performing all glute focused exercises.