Which band is best for you?

  • Suitable for advanced users and people with smaller frames
  • Made to build glute strength and size
  • Best for movements requiring less range of motion (e.g. hip thrusts and glute bridge) 

  • Suitable for beginner/intermediate users
  • Can be used for a wide range of glute exercises 
  • Offers more range of motion than the heavy band 

  • Perfect for beginners, those with larger frames or advanced users that require a lighter band for certain exercises 
  • Ideal for movements requiring a greater range of movement (e.g. curtsy squats, deep lunges)  

If you're new to using resistance bands, we would recommend choosing the grey or black band. Once you're comfortable with this level of resistance, you may then wish to progress up a level. The blue band offers the highest level of resistance. 

Some users find it beneficial to purchase two different resistance levels. This allows them to use a heavier resistance band whilst training larger muscle groups and a lighter band for smaller muscle groups. Similarly, some users prefer to use a lighter band for weighted exercises and a heavier level for bodyweight exercises. 

We also offer a full set of resistance glute bands (three sizes) for £27.99. The set allows you to alternate your choice of band as you complete different types of exercises or as you graduate through the levels.